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Robin Gwaltney

5 Ways to Perfect Your Pool

Monday, May 07, 2018   /   by Brian Ness

5 Ways to Perfect Your Pool

With summer on its way, we are taking a look at what’s trending in high-end pool design. From large fire pits to unique water features, these innovative pools — designed by California Pools & Landscape — exude true luxury.


Bring the Fire — While fire has always been an important element of a backyard space, fire pits now often merge with pool design. An abundance of fire makes this well-lit pool perfect for night swimming.


Goodbye to Blue — Historically pools have been blue, and while most are continuing this tradition, some homeowners are getting creative. Gray, navy or even black bottom pools bring a more dramatic look to any backyard. 


 Blending In — Whether it’s using huge rocks or lush greenery, pools are increasingly blending into the natural aesthetic of their location.


Infinity Pools — While infinity pools are not a new addition to luxury pool design, they will continue to make an appearance this summer. Perfect for displaying breathtaking views, infinity pools give the allusion that a pool is merged with its surrounding landscape. 


Water Features — Water features have always been popular in the luxury sector, and they will continue to be this summer. Whether it’s using fountains, waterfalls or deck jets, water features are highly customizable and allow homeowners to personalize their pool in a fun, unique way

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